A free, Naruto-inspired MMORPG

Jutsu Online

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Hokage Building

Choose your ninja way!

Rise through the ranks as a Leaf or Rain ninja.

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Getting started

Pick a bloodline, learn the basics of becoming a ninja and earn your shinobi headband. Join a genin squad, builds bonds and prepare yourself for the chunin exams! How will you fair in the Forest of Death?

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Prove Yourself

Become more valuable to your village as you progress from D to S Rank. Get noticed by your Kage and you’ll be promoted to jounin or drafted into the elusive Anbu.

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Protect your Village or Wage War

Master your jutsu, tame legendary summons, acquire the cursed mark, seal bijuu and more.. The stronger you are, the more you will impact the world. The possibilities are endless!

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Our Features

A Naruto inspired MMORPG.


We have our own storyline which runs in a parallel universe to the Naruto series


A truly immersive and fast paced combat system with over 500 unique jutsu

Player Driven

Our story is community driven. Player Kages, village councils, anbu, secret orgs and more


We have a Naruto replica map, missions, leveling, jutsu path system, bloodlines and more


In-game Screenshots

Our Vision

To create our own ninja world based off the Naruto series that is persistent and player driven.